Sports Coaching

'I can't thank Nicola enough for all the work she has put in to help me achieve a mental state that serves me well whilst playing golf. I feel like I've achieved so much already in the short time we've been working together and she's introduced me to some new techniques which I am certain will benefit my golf in the coming months and years.'

'I had two sessions with Nicola and the result was an increased enthusiasm, clarity of thought and confidence. She made me believe in myself. I can’t recommend Nic highly enough.'

'Thanks to Nicola, I was able to tap back into my motivation for running, mentally prepare myself for my event and achieve my aim of completing Ironman Zurich'

Imagine, knowing that you have the resources within you to achieve what you want. Imagine your mind and body working in harmony with your thoughts and emotions supporting all the technical and physical training you’ve been doing. When it comes to your time to perform, you are ready to draw on those resources and achieve the performance that you’ve been working so hard towards.


I work with athletes as an applied mind-set coach to help them unlock performance and achieve mental mastery of their sport. Through working with me they harness their resources, bringing their mind and body in harmony. If you work with an NLP Performance Coach, like me, you may experience the following outcomes:

  • Total commitment and enjoyment of your sport and understanding on why it fulfils you.

  • Clear, rich and full connection of your desired performance

  • The ability to access your desired, high performing mental state, when you want to

  • Clarity of the lifestyle, habits and mind-set you need to perform at the level you want

  • Full confidence and belief in yourself Mental toughness, skills and resilience emotional

  • The overcoming mental barriers to performance that you perceive

  • Better training through improved awareness of physiology, focus and attention

“Nicola is the Coach you want. Seriously she can work miracles and is certainly one of the best in her profession”

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