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'Nicola has an innate ability to build rapport with training and coaching participants very quickly. She uses her wealth of experience to draw the very best out of people and work with them to assist them in reaching their fullest potential' (Training Manager)

'A fabulous communicator and 'connector of dots'. I'd highly recommend that anyone interested in achieving greater success in business and life contact Nicola.' (L&D Manager)

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Unlocking a Best Self culture with PRINT®


Did you know there is no such thing as an organisation? It’s merely a group of people all working together towards a common objective. How happy, engaged and productive those people are will determine the performance of the organisation. 


I am licenced in a next generation engagement, productivity and performance tool: PRINT®. This profiling tool goes deeper than traditional tools and unveils our Unconscious Motivators® – the drivers and ‘why’ behind our behaviour.  PRINT® teaches us strategies to help us remain in our productive ‘Best Self’ and move away from our unproductive ‘Shadow’. Fairly new to the UK, it is being adopted by local authorities and international companies to transform culture and increase results. Used in a one-to-one or team setting it is proven to improve personal and organisational performance.



Watch this short animation to find out more and get in touch to order your PRINT report and uncover the ‘Why’ of you.



“A great experience and a wealth of knowledge shared in a supportive environment. The best style of training I’ve experienced. Thank you!"

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