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What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Through understanding and manipulating our neural connections, thoughts, language and behaviour, you can create exceptionally powerful possibilities for how you develop and communicate. As performance or therapy specialist it recognises that the mind and body of your clients are one system and very often the barriers that stand in your way are your clients limiting beliefs and mental and physical habits. NLP provides a methodology alongside a set of transformational tools to help you engage change, unlock resourceful thinking and help your client move towards the performance or outcomes they desire. 


These qualifications are certified by the STA (Sports Therapy Association) and the ANLP (Association for NLP)


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“Nicola Ellwood’s course is one of the best I’ve done, I walked away with not only a new tool for myself and my clients, but a new found passion, I’d never realised how focusing the mind with words helps to create powerful healing for the body. Thank you so much. Sports Therapist. RAF


“An amazing course, I’ve walked away with some extremely unique and highly useful tools, a massive thank you for outstanding instruction and for facilitating this wonderful course”. Physiotherapist. Lincoln


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