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Hello! I’m Nicola - a Master Coach (MSc MAC) Master NLP Practitioner and Certified Trainer. I’m all about performance and unlocking it in others. 


A bit about me and how I got to today.


After graduating I fell into my first job (as many people do) as a double glazing sales rep (I know…).  Turns out I was good as I quickly became the top sales person in the region – this was because I was genuinely interested in the people I was meeting. I loved building rapport with them and understanding what made them tick.


My career since has centred around people development, rising the ranks to lead sales and marketing teams, then crossing over into training, leadership development and coaching. Working as an external facilitator and coach - also in-house leading L&D teams and strategy, I’ve worked with international businesses, public sector organisations and academic institutions. I’ve loved every second of it.


image.pngI’m a southerner living up north (well I think it’s north). I have a beautiful 'Summer House' office in central Lincoln with free parking, I also travel internationally to wherever my clients want me.



“Nicola immediately puts you at ease. Casually discussing your thoughts and perceptions; you suddenly experience an epiphany; realising she's been working her magic all along.” 

“I grabbed the opportunity to have a session with Nicola. It was a thoroughly engaging and supportive session, insightful and challenging which I needed in a supportive and compassionate way. It felt like I was talking to a friend and I don't think anything I say will truly do her justice, you really need to take the opportunity yourself.”

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