Leadership and Executive Coaching

'I found this coaching experience amazing. It opened my eyes to what I want and gave me clear indication of which direction I need to be headed in.' (Business Owner)

'I have seen my performance progress from consistently hitting to consistently exceeding. Nicola’s professional approach to coaching matched with her infallible positivity and dedication combine to ensure success.' (Performance Coach)

'The result of coaching with Nicola was an increased enthusiasm, clarity of thought and confidence. Nicola’s approach is friendly, honest and direct. She has a brilliant way of asking the right questions to get your thought processes on track and helps you to identify what you need to do to move forward.' (Head of Sales)

Who are you and how do you lead on your best day?


Imagine a world where you lead people and your organisation towards exceptional outcomes, influencing others strategically, engaging hearts and minds -being exactly the version of yourself you want to be. People are connected to your purpose and mission. You love what you do. You know what you are good at and everyone can see your drive and passion – it shines from within. The people you work with, know you, like you and enjoy working with you. Perhaps you work like this every day and simply wish to look ahead to the future with the certainty that this will continue and you will flourish.


There may also be other versions of you, perhaps ones that experience days where you are not your best self, perhaps you lack confidence, belief or battle self-talk (on days like those who needs enemies, right?). Perhaps your focus is off and you aren’t sure you’re making the best of your career. Perhaps you have a hunch you could have more productive, supportive relationships. Some days you may doubt your abilities, feeling you aren’t using your skills - perhaps you’ve lost sight of what they are these days.


Whatever your version, you have the resources within you to make change, enhance your happiness, improve your performance and outcomes. You have the ability to work and lead others as your very best, high performing self.



I‘ve spent my career working with Managers, Leaders and Directors within organisations across the UK and Europe. My objective – helping them be the version of themselves that they want to be in their organisation.  I've gathered a rich experience, working with clients within international businesses, local authorities, academic institutions and not for profits to help them progress their careers or organisations towards their future.


I believe people have all the resources within them to be the leader they want to be, it’s just a case of harnessing those resources. So whether it's confidence, belief, focus, or impact and influence amongst people – I experience the clients I work with moving towards what they want, often unlocking resources they didn’t even know they had.


"I would recommend coaching for anyone in my business. I have had coaching before in previous roles and this was definitely one of the best." (Head of Compliance)

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